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Your Ultimate Guide To Discovering The Prado Museum Exhibitions in Madrid | 2022

Prado Museum is one of the greatest galleries in the world that houses an entire collection of Spanish paintings dated from the 11th-18th centuries, with additional masterpieces by European artists.

 Every year, flocks of people attend the numerous Prado exhibitions that are held at the museum. We are here to tell you exactly why! Get an insight into the kind of exhibitions held, why it’s worth your time and so much more.

Why You Should Attend a Prado Museum Exhibition?

Prado exhibitions
  • Prado Exhibitions are a hard miss! The museum’s exhibition area was increased by more than 50%, where now, you can see four rooms for temporary exhibitions, a large entrance hall, an auditorium seating more than 400 people, storage facilities, and workshops for the restoration of artworks.
  • Get ready to immerse yourself in the art and culture of the city by exploring the history of European art and the stories behind some of the works that are on display at the exhibitions.
  • Discover various collections of art by some of the most important artists of that era – El Greco, Goya, and Velazquez, to name a few.

Prado Museum Exhibitions 2022

Get indulged in the vast collection of artworks, ranging from the Renaissance period all the way to the era of Picasso all at the Prado Exhibitions in 2022.

Prado exhibitions

History of Prado Museum and It’s Buildings

Current Exhibition

The Prado Museum in collaboration with Samsung has created an exhibition space, documenting over 200 years of the museum’s history. Discover the glorious past of one of the leading cultural institutions in Spain. The rooms for the exhibit have been remodeled by Desirée González to showcase the magnificence of the museum and its artworks. Included in the display are 265 pieces, consisting of photographs, documents, architectural models, prints, postcards, and other items dating back to almost 200 years. Some must-see items include a document showing the appointment of Picasso as the Director of the Museum and a poster of the museum from the 1920s.  

Location: Rooms 100, 101, and 102, Villanueva Building

Date: March 17, 2021 - ...

Prado exhibitions

Goya, San Bernardino de Siena: Sketches of the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation

Current Exhibition

Explore the artistic creation of Goya in a new light. This exhibit offers viewers a more wholesome look at the legendary artist's works spread across four rooms. Discover the most popular works of Goya such as Venus recreating herself with Titian's Love and Music, and The Preaching of Saint Bernardino of Siena before Alfonso V of Aragon in a stellar setting. The first painting is being displayed after about a hundred years, while the second is going to be seen by the public for the very first time. Both these paintings were recently sent to the Prado Restoration Workshop.     

Location: Rooms 34 - 38, Villanueva building

Date: February 15, 2022 - February 19, 2023

Prado exhibitions

Annibale Carracci | The Frescoes of the Herrera chapel

Upcoming Exhibition 

Get set to witness a set of mural paintings of great importance and the little known frescoes in the family chapel by Juan Enreiquez de Herrera. The Prado Museum, the Museu Nacional d’Art Catalunya and the Gallerie Nazionali d'Arte Antica Piazza Barberini in Rome are responsible for putting this up to the public. Andrs Ubeda’s exhibition will put together preserved mural paintings and a selection of work on paper that is attributed to Carracci or his school related to this project. These works of art coincide in the three venues mentioned. In addition, these spaces will also have a specific selection of drawings, books, and prints that cannot be exhibited during the time of an exhibition at three consecutive venues.

Location: Room C. Jeronimos Building

Date: March 8, 2022 - 12 June, 2022

Past Exhibitions at Prado Museum

Prado exhibitions

The Prado Museum in Madrid is extremely famous for conducting exhibitions that exhibit paintings from the Renaissance and the Baroque period. In the past, there have been numerous prominent exhibitions like the Return Journey - Art of the Americas in Spain, Leonardo and the copy of Mona Lisa - New Approaches to the Artist’s Studio Practices, and Forty Years of Friendship. Donations from the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado, amongst many others.

If you are in Madrid, visiting the Prado Museum exhibitions is a must as you can admire more than 20,000 works of art by artists like Titian, El Greco, Goya, and many more. This will definitely give you an insight into the art and culture of Madrid.

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How Do I Attend a Prado Museum Exhibition?

To attend a Prado exhibition, you need to book an entry ticket to the museum. Some exhibitions require you to reserve a spot online in advance. All the current Prado exhibitions are free to visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prado Museum Exhibitions

Q. Are there any Prado Museum exhibitions in 2022?

A. Yes, there are three main exhibitions scheduled for the rest of this year at the Prado Museum.

Q. What Prado Museum exhibitions are taking place in 2022?

A. History of the Museo del Prado and its Buildings , Goya, San Bernardino de Siena, and Annibale Carracci - The frescoes of the Herrera chapel.

Q. Can I attend the Prado Museum exhibitions?

A. Yes, you can save a spot for yourself at the Prado exhibitions. There’s no separate fee for the exhibitions so all you have to do is book an entrance ticket online. Additionally, some of the exhibitions require you to reserve a seat in advance.

Q. Are the Prado Museum exhibitions free?

A. Entry to the museum is  free between 6 PM and 8 PM from Monday to Saturday and between 5 PM and 7 PM on Sundays. Some temporary exhibits can be accessed upon entry.

Q. How long are the Prado Museum exhibitions?

A. The Prado exhibitions can last between 1 to 2 hours. Some temporary exhibits are on display for a significant period so you can take your time exploring them.

Q. Are the Prado Museum exhibitions worth it?

A. Visiting the Prado exhibitions in Madrid is worth an experience. You will discover a lot of exhibits with the most comprehensive collection of artworks from well-known artists across Europe.

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